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My Instagram is Private. Does it work for Private IGs? 

Sorry, we cannot detect private Instagram. Please make your Instagram account Public before posting the story and our system will automatically make your Instagram username into a discount code and send you exclusive 10% discount code.

For how long is the code valid? 

Valid for 30 days. After which, you can mention @freeauthority on Instagram again and we'll send you rewards again.

I didn't get 20% Exclusive Discount Code 

Check your SPAM once. Other most common reason is that Your Instagram Account was Private when you mentioned and we cannot detect the story mention. So make sure your account is "PUBLIC" before you mention us in a story. Also your instagram account should have more than 50 followers. Lastly try filling the above form again and mention @freeauthority on IG again. It should work. The discount code will not contain "@".

Can I change my Instagram Username? 

Just signup on our Ambassador Program "again" with a "different email" and your revised Instagram Username.

Is there any commission you get if someone purchases from your Instagram username code? 

For now, there is NO commission. We send you an exclusive 10% discount code for you while your friends / family get 5% discount using your Instagram username